Erasmus+ Projects

International Youth Exchanges and Training Courses for Youth Workers

CAMBIO e.V. has recently started to move into the galaxy of Erasmus + projects, focusing in particular on Youth Exchanges and Youth Workers Mobilities.

These projects fund activities such as student exchanges, staff training, and teaching opportunities abroad. They aim to promote international cooperation, enhance personal and professional development, and broaden horizons by providing funding for educational and training experiences in other European countries.

Participating in Erasmus+ projects provides individuals with the opportunity to enhance personal and professional growth through international mobility, language development, and cultural exposure, while also gaining financial support. These projects help participants build a global network, improve their career prospects, and contribute to European integration.

In June 2022 CAMBIO successfully realized its first Youth Exchange in partnership with a Spanish NGO, Jarrón Club from Málaga, in the surroundings of Dresden. The project Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Let’s get involved! was a youth summer camp that involved 27 participants. They implemented many Global Citizenship Education (GCED) workshops intending to strengthen critical thinking among young people.

In November 2022 CAMBIO realized a Youth Workers mobility project Global World? Global Learning- Education for global equity. It took place in Grillenburg, a village near Dresden, involving 28 participants from six different countries and represented a learning opportunity for educators or social workers interested in learning new GCED methods.

In the wake of previous projects, something special has been planned for summer 2023: TransFORMATION for a better Future, a series of three training courses for Youth Workers on how to implement GCED workshops on the topics of Social Justice, Ecological Sustainability, and Ethical Nutrition.
At the following links, you can read the full review and get some visual impressions of the TCs in Austria, Slovenia, and Italy.

The CAMBIO team invites you to check out our website and socials regularly because many new opportunities are coming soon!

Also, check out the offers from our partners here:


Youth Exchange: New Wide Europe
Italy, Bergolo (tba)
1. September 23
bis 12. September 23


Homepage CAMBIO
Review: ERASMUS+ International Exchange Camp: Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Let's get involved!


Homepage CAMBIO
International exchange camp: Global challenges, local solutions - Let's get involved!
Herberge auf dem Kulm, Struppen (Weißig 7b)
17. Juni 22
bis 26. Juni 22
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