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Erasmus+ Training Course - "From Earth to Art: Learn How to Creatively Advocate for Our Planet"
Juli 27, 2024
bis August 7, 2024

🌍 Call for Participants 🎨

Are you a passionate youth worker eager to make a positive impact on our planet? Join us for an inspiring and transformative experience at the Erasmus+ Training Course – „From Earth to Art: Learn how to creatively advocate for our planet“!!

📅 Dates: 27th July to 7th August 2024
📍 Location: Ommen, Netherlands

Key Focus Areas:

– Education for Sustainable Development: Explore innovative approaches to integrate sustainability into youth work.
– Eco Anxiety: Address and tackle eco-anxiety, fostering resilience and well-being.
– Climate Justice: Understand the intersection of climate issues and social justice, and how to advocate for positive change.

Artistic Exploration:

Immerse yourself in creative methods such as:
– Stop-motion Videos: Learn to convey powerful messages through dynamic visual storytelling.
– Upcycling: Turn waste into art, discovering the beauty in repurposing materials.
– Land-Art: Connect with nature through artistic expressions on the landscape.
– Embodiment: Collaborate with fellow participants to craft a meaningful and impactful performance.

We invite 4 participants (18+) resident in each of the following countries: Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Italy. There will be 20 participants in total.

What’s in it for you?

– Gain practical tools for incorporating sustainability into your youth work.
– Address and manage eco-anxiety within your community.
– Advocate for climate justice through creative and engaging methods.
– Develop a network of like-minded professionals across Europe.

Do you wanna know more? Click HERE for the Info-pack of the project.

Application Deadline: 15th of February 2024
Apply Now:

🌿🎭 „From Earth to Art“ – Inspire Change, Create Impact! 🎭🌿


Erasmus+ training course series: "Talking About Conflicts"


Fortbildung ,,Bildungswandel"
Jugendfreizeitort Grillenburg, 01737 Tharandt (Seerenteichstr. 11)
8. Juli 24
bis 11. Juli 24


Political Art Days 2024: Degrowth - Wohlstand ohne Wachstum?
Blaue Fabrik, Dresden (Eisenbahnstr. 1)
18. Oktober 24
bis 20. Oktober 24


Screenshot 2024-04-09 115123
Reallabor für die Bildungsrevolution
Kinder- und Jugendbüro, Dresden (Rothenburger Str. 26)
30. April 24


3. Februar 2024: "True Cost of Coal"-Workshop
Grüne Ecke, Dresden (Bischofsplatz 6)
3. Februar 24


SITE PAD 08.09
Political Art Days 2023 - Fokus: One World, One Health
Zentralwerk e.V.,  (Riesaer Str. 32, 01127 Dresden )
29. September 23
bis 1. Oktober 23
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