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Review: ERASMUS+ International Exchange Camp: Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Let's get involved!

From 17th to 26th June 2022, CAMBIO e.V. organized its first International Youth Exchange Camp focused on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Learning. The camp took place in cooperation with the Spanish organization Jarrón Club from Málaga.

Surrounded by the natural landscape of Saxon Switzerland, 27 young people coming from Germany and Spain gathered together during eight days to participate in a friendly learning camp. The focus was to learn about our global goods production system and the environmental and social consequences that this production system generates. But also, the focus was together to reflect on our patterns of consumption and to share existing sustainable local solutions as alternatives to change/reduce our consumer behaviour.

Through non-formal educational methods, participants exchanged their perspectives and concerns about global themes such as: our current economic system, our global food production, natural resources exploitation and social injustice behind our lifestyle.

The camp was designed to be runned by the participants themselves. They worked in four different teams: food team, documentation team, education team and art team. Each team had specific tasks to be developed and shared with the rest of the group.

Additionally, participants had the possibility to do excursions to the natural surroundings of the national park Saxon Switzerland. They also visited the city of Dresden and participated in interesting city tours and cultural activities:

★ City walk through the old town of Dresden. We discovered urban traces that still depict the colonial and postcolonial past in Dresden. Organized by Dresden Postkolonial (More info: dresden-postkolonial.de).

★ City walk through the new town of Dresden. We learnt about consumption consciousness and consumer awareness. We dealt with the topics of food, mobility, plastic and clothing in an interactive way. Therefore we stopped at different stations located in Dresden-Neustadt. These stations promote sustainable ways of consuming and reducing our waste. Organized by BUNDjugend Dresden (More info: www.bund-dresden.de).

★ We visited the 1rst „Latin American Cultural Festival“ in Dresden, organized by Asociación Cultural Iberoamericana e.V.

Here below, we share some impressions of the camp captured by the documentation team:

The participants created this presentation as a review for themselves: Review Documentation Team

And here also some impressions from the participants:

Also we want to thank the seminar camping-house „Herberge auf dem Kulm“ for their warm hospitality and pleasant place (More info: herberge-auf-dem-kulm.de). And also we want to thank Rosa for her delicious bio-vegan-fair catering.

This project has been funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and supported by Brot für die Welt, Katholischer Fonds and Vegeterra.

Here is the final poster of the camp:

This project was funded by:


Rückblick: „Transformation zu einer sozialökologischen Gesellschaft weltweit: Denken von Mensch und Natur gemeinsam“ (Jan. - Dez. 23)


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Rückblick: Bildungscamp „Planetary Health“, Tharandt vom 17.-20. August


group picture Kristina
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