Workshop: Capoeira für jung und alt (ab 7 J.)

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Samstag, 03. Oktober, 14-16 Uhr

objekt klein a (Meschwitzstr. 9, 01099 Dresden)

Eddy Murphy
Contra Mestre from Salvador Bahia and director of the Idalina Capoeiragruppe in Dresden.

Capoeira is an expression from the afro-brasilein culture. It is composed of diverse forms from the dance, martial arts, acrobatics and corporal expression. In its beginning was founded in the Republic of Angola and developed in Brazil by African descendants with indigenous influences, as an expression of resistance to oppression, an art practiced in secret into the forest, a transmission of culture and a spiritual stimulus by the slaves.
In the workshop can be part children from 7 years old and adults that want to be part of this extraordinary and sporty time!

Hier gibts alle weiteren Infos zu den Political Art Days 2020 – Fokus: Wald.


Tejiendo Paz

With our project ‚Tejiendo Paz – territorios interculturales para comunidades sostenibles e inclusivas‘ we want to strengthen the creation of sustainable and inclusive territories around us.
This Cooperation takes place, because we as young generation in the global north and global south face global problems together. …

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