15.06.: CAMBIO auf dem Festival Contre le Racisme
Juni 15, 2021

creatures of all kinds – unite!

CAMBIO & PROTERRA Online-Event, Tuesday 15.06., 18:00 – 20:00, as Part of Festival Contre le racisme

We danced together, we laughed together, we cried together – let’s start to fight together!

Many of us traveled, studied, lived abroad – we shared joy, nice food, good music with eachother.
A look under the happy surface reveals that the young generation shares also lots of worries with eachother:

We are drowning in trash that we are not capable of recycling properly.
Our trees and plants are longing for water while our grounds are drying out.
All lockep up, we got to stay in rooms and houses which are getting harder and harder to pay.
Governments and the patriarchy are beating and killing – with few consequences.

Lets stop to cry. Start to organize.

Lets do it ourselves – and start south – east – north – west – collaborations with each other.
Exchanging, supporting, understanding – let’s become an international community, connected through shared platforms, ideas and networks.
We, two NGOs from Germany and Colombia, started our collaboration process last year and want to share with you our learnings. We want to present you our project, as well as our experiences while exchanging, moving, growing.
We are going to look on the surrounding structures and want hear about your experiences or ideas.

Maybe we can find a link?

For more Infos follow this link: https://www.contre-le-racisme.de


Fortbildung ,,Bildungswandel"
Jugendfreizeitort Grillenburg, 01737 Tharandt (Seerenteichstr. 11)
8. Juli 24
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Erasmus+ Training Course - "From Earth to Art: Learn How to Creatively Advocate for Our Planet"
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3. Februar 2024: "True Cost of Coal"-Workshop
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29. September 23
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